Why Slingshot?

All you need to know about Slingshot and why it’s the best Web3 application for you.

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Founded in 2020, Slingshot is a DeFi application that can be used to search for, send, receive and swap over 50k cryptocurrencies at the best prices, with 0% swap fees. Slingshot is available both on desktop (Slingshot Web App) and on mobile (Slingshot Wallet), with multi-chain and bridging support for the following networks: Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Binance BNB Chain, Canto (bridging support coming soon), Ethereum mainnet, Optimism, and Polygon. Slingshot is continuously releasing enhanced product features and reward-driven participation opportunities for their growing community.

Start Swapping Instantly

Slingshot is built on Web3. Instead of signing up for an account and giving away sensitive personal information, you can simply connect your wallet to the Slingshot app and start swapping right away.

Slingshot users simply connect their wallet to start swapping 50k+ tokens, and access with real time data and charts for each token and a global chat feature, where they can connect with users all over the world.

This also means that you maintain full control over your assets as a user, at all times!

Swap Any Token At The Best Price

Slingshot works like a search engine. If a token exists with on-chain liquidity or on a Slingshot-supported network, we'll index it so that you can swap it. Additionally, we aggregate liquidity across all top DEXs so that you can find the best price possible for the token you're looking for.

Slingshot is currently available on the Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Binance BNB Chain, Canto, Ethereum mainnet, Optimism, Base, and Polygon networks.

Real-Time Price Charts & Transaction Activity

Slingshot runs blockchain nodes for each network we support. The on-chain transaction data from these nodes allows us to show you live transaction data without relying on 3rd-party providers. With a price chart and transaction logs for any token, Slingshot’s interface gives you real-time insights into market activity.

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