Which networks are supported by Slingshot?

A list of Slingshot supported networks and helpful resources.

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Networks are separate chains that each have their own liquidity pools accessible for swapping. Each network is governed by its own protocol and uses a specified native token for paying gas fees for transactions. Multiple networks allow preference to users for finding the best gas fees, token availability, token prices, and security.

Learn more below about the following networks supported by Slingshot:


Slingshot's initial launch was on the Polygon network, an Ethereum sidechain scaling solution. With blazing-fast transactions and low fees, Polygon experienced rapid growth as Ethereum Mainnet fees rose due to high network traffic. It is important to note that Sidechains are viewed as less secure because security is not directly derived from Ethereum.

  • Native token: MATIC

To learn more about Polygon, click here.


Slingshot expanded in November 2021 to Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer 2 which utilizes optimistic rollups. Rollups are solutions that perform transaction execution outside Ethereum Mainnet (Layer 1), but post transaction data on Layer 1. This allows for faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum Mainnet, without sacrificing the security Mainnet has to offer.

  • Native token: ETH

To learn more about Arbitrum, click here.

Arbitrum Nova

At the end of 2022, Slingshot expanded to Arbitrum Nova. Nova is powered by Arbitrum and built to handle NFT ecosystems with high volume requirements. Nova has ultra-low transaction costs, fast transactions with rapid block times, and designed to enable new blockchain primitives.

  • Native token: ETH

To learn more about Arbitrum Nova, click here.


In December 2021, Slingshot expanded to Optimism, an Ethereum Layer 2 optimistic rollup, like Arbitrum. The difference between Arbitrum and Optimism is how disputes are handled in the rollup technology.

  • Native token: ETH

To learn more about Optimism, click here.

Binance BNB Chain

Slingshot launched on Binance’s BNB Chain (formerly known as BSC) in April 2022.

BNB is designed to maximize transaction volume and lower transaction costs, and in 2021 became a popular alternative to the Ethereum network. As a standalone chain separate from Ethereum, BNB Chain has its own native token, BNB.

  • Native token: BNB

To learn more about Binance BNB Chain, click here.


Support for Osmosis is currently suspended.

Slingshot supports Osmosis, a non-ERC20 compatible blockchain, built using the Cosmos SDK (framework for building application-specific blockchains). Osmosis is an advanced automated market maker (AMM) protocol that allows developers to build customized AMMs with sovereign liquidity pools. Osmosis utilizes Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to enable cross-chain transactions across the Cosmos ecosystem. Transactions on Osmosis use OSMO as their native token for gas fees, and requires utilizing a Keplr wallet for swapping on Slingshot.

  • Native token: OSMO

  • Wallet required for swapping $OSMO on Slingshot: Keplr Wallet

To learn more about the Cosmos SDK, click here.

To learn more about Osmosis, click here.


Canto is a permissionless general-purpose blockchain running the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). At launch, Canto provides Tendermint consensus secured by Canto validator nodes and an EVM execution layer via Cosmos SDK in addition to core financial primitives designed to support the Free Public Infrastructure (FPI). It was built to deliver on the promise of DeFi – that through a post-traditional financial movement, new systems will be made accessible, transparent, decentralized, and free.

  • Native token: CANTO

To learn more about Canto, click here.


Slingshot first rolled out support for Ethereum mainnet on mobile in November 2022, and web support followed soon after that. Ethereum first launched in 2015 and introduced the concept of blockchain smart contracts to the general public. In 2022, Ethereum seamlessly switched from using proof-of-work as a consensus mechanism to the drastically more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake method.

  • Native token: ETH

To learn more about Ethereum, click here.


Base has just launched, and Slingshot is supporting it right away! Coinbase, one of the largest and most important centralized exchanges in crypto, is launching Base, an Ethereum L2 built on top of Optimism's open source "OP Stack".

  • Native token: ETH

To learn more about Base, click here.

Learn how to switch networks here.

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