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How do I join Slingshot's Discord?
How do I join Slingshot's Discord?

A guide to joining our Slingshot Discord server, along with helpful resources for navigating channels.

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Welcome to our Slingshot Discord, home to our Slingshot community. Discord is the perfect place to go to chat with other Slingshot members, ask our team questions, and where you can learn about company updates, product launches, upcoming giveaways, rewards, contests, & more. Follow the guide below to join Slingshot's Discord today:

Joining Discord

To join our Slingshot Discord server, click here. If you are new to Discord and have not set up an account yet, here is a guide to get you started.

Once you've accepted your invite, verification is required before you're allowed access to the channels on our server. Don't worry, our Verification Bot will guide you through the necessary steps.

After you've passed the verification process with flying colors, you'll have access to our channels, offering you resources, reports, Slingshot 2099 conversations, customized chart bots, contest entries, multiple languages & more.

Find our available channels below:

Please use our Discord as a resource when seeking information, asking questions, and staying up to date with our products. Reminder to please also post your comments and questions to relevant channels so that the conversation remains consistent.

Additional Discord Resources

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