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Which wallets are supported by Slingshot?
Which wallets are supported by Slingshot?

A list of supported wallets with related guides and resources.

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Storing your crypto and NFTs in a crypto wallet allows you full autonomy of your assets and a seamless interaction with decentralized applications, like Slingshot. Similar to storing paper money in physical wallets, crypto wallets store and protect your digital assets, such as tokens and NFTs, without the need for a third-party custodian.

In order to use Slingshot, you will need to first connect a supported wallet. Slingshot currently supports the following wallets:

To connect your wallet, select 'Connect Wallet' in the top right and authorize the connection through your wallet. Your wallet must be connected to a Slingshot-supported liquidity zone to swap: either Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Chain (formerly BSC), or Osmosis. To learn more about Slingshot supported networks, click here.
You can also sign in using the wallet from your Slingshot app easily by scanning the QR code on the 'connect wallet' screen.

Don't have a crypto wallet? No worries, click below for information on how to set one up.

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