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How do I fund my wallet to start using Slingshot?
How do I fund my wallet to start using Slingshot?

A guide to funding various crypto wallets with helpful resources.

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In order to start swapping on Slingshot, you will need to have funds in your crypto wallet on the network you'd like to swap on. When funding your wallet, keep in mind that you'll need a small amount of the network's native token to pay for gas fees. Below are multiple ways to get funding:

Acquire Tokens on Ethereum Mainnet

Tokens can be acquired on the Mainnet through centralized exchange withdrawal, fiat on-ramp, or bridging from other networks.

Centralized Exchange Withdrawal

Certain centralized exchanges, like Binance or Coinbase, allow you to withdraw directly to your crypto wallet on the network of your choice.

Fiat On-Ramp

On-ramp providers allow you to use your credit card or bank to convert your local currency to crypto and deposit these funds directly into your crypto wallet. Some on-ramp providers that support fiat conversion to crypto are Moonpay, Transak, and Ramp.

When using these services, it is recommended to convert from your local currency to the native token of the network you want to swap on.


Native Token

Ethereum Mainnet










Binance BNB Chain






Cross-Chain Bridge

Bridging protocols such as Allbridge, Hop Protocol, and Synapse Protocol allow tokens to be transferred between networks. They offer potentially faster, easier, and/or cheaper cross-network token transfers. Exercise caution with cross-bridges - many protocols are new and may be risky, do your research!

For bridging to Osmosis, Axelar is the chosen cross-chain bridge service provider.

Learn more about the bridging protocols available on each network below:

Official Token Bridges

In addition to 3rd party bridging protocols, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism also have official token bridges.

Polygon: Polygon Bridge

Once you have funds on the Ethereum Mainnet, you can transfer funds from the Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon by using the Polygon Bridge. This process usually takes ~7-8 minutes and allows users to be able to migrate funds back and forth between the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon.

Arbitrum: Arbitrum Bridge

The official Arbitrum Bridge allows users to move any asset from Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum. Bridging assets to Arbitrum can take ~10-60 minutes, depending on network congestion. Note that withdrawing assets out of Arbitrum takes 7 days due to the nature of the optimistic rollup design.

Optimism: Optimism Gateway

The official Optimism Bridge allows users to move any asset from Ethereum Mainnet to Optimism. As on Arbitrum, bridging assets to Optimism can take ~10-60 minutes, depending on network congestion and withdrawing assets out of Optimism takes 7 days.

Base: Base Bridge

At launch, the official Base Bridge will support bridging between the Ethereum Mainnet and Base. In the future, it is expected to support additional networks.

Binance BNB Chain

Please note: Binance BNB Chain does not have an official blockchain bridge protocol. Bridge solutions include withdrawal from the Binance centralized exchange, or using 3rd party protocols.

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