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How do I speed up my transactions if I'm using MetaMask?
How do I speed up my transactions if I'm using MetaMask?

Information & resources for ensuring smooth & efficient transactions when using a MetaMask wallet.

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Speed up transactions

Swaps placed with a gas fee that is below the current network gas price may take longer to process. In extreme cases, the network may experience spikes in transaction fees, causing a transaction to stay pending for much longer than anticipated.

If a transaction you submitted to the network is stuck in pending, and you would like to speed up this transaction, you can increase your gas fees after placing the swap.

Navigate to your connected MetaMask wallet and click the Activity tab. Any pending transactions will be listed, along with the option to speed up the transaction for an additional gas fee.

It is important to note that while you have the option to speed up, there is no guarantee that the transaction will confirm. As with any interaction with the blockchain from your wallet, please exercise caution and do your own research before proceeding. More information on this topic can be found on MetaMask's website.

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