What is the Chat Box?

Information for chatting with other members while using Slingshot & additional chat box benefits.

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Connecting your wallet on Slingshot not only allows you to swap, but also unlocks social features via Web3 sign-in.


The Token Chat Box allows users to chat with other members on the platform. Beyond chatting, tokens and swaps can be shared in the chat box. Use the shorthand $TOKEN to link to a specified token in your chat message.

The option to share your swap in chat is given in the confirmation pop-up after a swap is completed.

(The Chatbox can be minimized, if desired)

When you first connect your wallet, you will be prompted to enter a name, which will be your display name in the chat box. The display name needs to be at least four alphanumeric characters long. After setting a display name, you will not be able to change it for the first 24 hours, so choose wisely. Additionally, you can choose your display name color between red (bearish), white (neutral), or green (bullish).

Profile Pictures

Every user is given a unique modular identicon for your avatar by default. This avatar can be changed to an NFT by going to the account menu → Edit Profile → Change Avatar... or by clicking your profile pic from the chatbox → Change Avatar.

If there is a supported NFT in your connected wallet, it will show up in the selection pop-up. If you hold your NFTs in a different wallet than what you use for swapping you can also link your NFT wallet under the Change Avatar selection menu.

Setting an Avatar PFP

There are 3 ways to set your avatar to an NFT:

  1. Slingshot 2099 is an NFT avatar composed of 4 mix-and-matchable NFT parts: helmet, torso, legs, and backdrop. All users can set their chat avatar to the default 2099 suit, pictured below. To customize your Slingshot 2099, buy items in Slingshot’s 2099 marketplace.

  2. Slingshot currently supports specific NFTs on Ethereum (support for others coming soon). To use one of these as your avatar, the wallet holding your NFT must be connected to Slingshot chat.

  3. The final to display an NFT profile picture is by purchasing 100 PENG4815 tokens. With at least 100 PENG4815 tokens in your connected wallet, you unlock the Pudgy Penguin shown below, which is a Slingshot-owned, tokenized NFT.

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