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How do I customize my Slingshot avatar?
How do I customize my Slingshot avatar?

A guide to your Avatar Wardrobe and customizing your PFP.

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To change your avatar’s outfit, navigate to the Wardrobe tab. Select Open Wardrobe to view a pop-up that displays your avatar and all of the items you own.

The small grey boxes next to each item icon indicate how many total pieces you have. In the image below, the user has 5 helmets, 5 torsos, 5 legs, and 0 backdrops. To change your outfit, click on the large icon of the slot you want to change. This will enlarge the corresponding small grey boxes to show you the other pieces you have for that slot.

Once satisfied with your outfit, be sure to click the save bottom at the bottom of the popup. You can download an image of your Slingshot avatar, either full-body or just a PFP (profile picture) headshot, to set as your profile picture in other applications.

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