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How do I get to a higher level on Discord?
How do I get to a higher level on Discord?

A guide to the different roles & levels offered in our Slingshot Discord.

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โ— Please not that these roles are not longer awarded. We've kept this article up for reference only.


Once you accept the invite to join our Slingshot Discord & verify, there are multiple roles that you can achieve through engagement and being an active community member. The higher you rank, the more rewards you may be eligible for.

Level X roles are the core roles in the Slingshot Community and are representative of one's overall community participation.

  • Level 1 - Starting level upon joining the server.

  • Level 2 - Granted upon accepting the server rules and becoming a part of the Slingshot community.

  • Level 3 - Granted for attending community events.

  • Level 4 - Granted for helping the Slingshot community through various means detailed below. The original 100 legacy role Contributors started at this level.

  • Level 5 - Reserved for core community members that have contributed extensive help to the community.

Current supplementary roles:

  • Contributor - Legacy role given to 100 of Slingshot's early and helpful community members.

  • Community contest participant - Granted for participating in select community contests.

  • Community contest winner - Granted for winning a community contest.

In general, one may progress through the levels by helping the Slingshot Community. This can include helping new community members with questions/issues, creating new or translated user guides, reporting critical bugs with helpful information, reporting scams/inappropriate content to mods, etc.

Currently, Level 3 can be obtained by participating in select community events or through the means described above. Level 4 and beyond are reserved for community members that provide exceptional help or value to the Slingshot Community. The Slingshot team will decide to give out roles automatically through certain events and through individual assessment.

Please note: We retain the right to revoke one's roles for misbehaving or breaking the community rules. Lastly, the supplementary roles and level system will continue to grow and evolve with the growth of the Slingshot Community.

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