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Adding New Slingshot Wallets into your Collection
Adding New Slingshot Wallets into your Collection

How to create and add more wallets into Slingshot Wallet.

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After you’ve created your own Slingshot Wallet or imported a previously existing wallet into the Slingshot Wallet app, you can add to your wallet collection.

How to create and add multiple Slingshot Wallets into your collection

  1. When you’re on the home page of the app, click on the top left Wallet Icon to view your collection of wallets.

  2. Once you are viewing your collection, here is where you can choose which wallet to swap funds from, or create an entirely new Slingshot Wallet to add to your collection.

  3. If you would like to add a new Slingshot Wallet into your collection, click the ‘Create Wallet’ button at the bottom of the Collection page.

  4. After you’ve chosen a name for your new wallet, click ‘Create’ at the top right of the screen.

  5. Once you’ve created your new Slingshot Wallet, it will be added into your Wallet Collection. You can now swap from the wallet of your choice, if you’d prefer to do so when using different networks or swapping multiple tokens.

Why add multiple wallets to your collection?

Adding multiple wallets to your collection is a great way to easily organize swaps from different networks, along with distributing funds for preferred token swaps. When you create multiple wallets using the Slingshot Wallet, you can easily click in and out of them to view your swapping activity.

Importing External Wallets

You can add external wallets into your collection on Slingshot Wallet by importing your private key. Please refer to our Help Center Article below for more information:

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