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Information on finding and navigating your Wallet History in Slingshot Wallet.

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After you’ve swapped using the Slingshot Wallet, your Order History will become available to view in the app. You’ll have access to a complete record from all of your swaps, along with specific information for each and every one.

  1. From the home page, scroll down to the ‘History’ section to view your order history. Your most recent swaps will appear in order.

  2. Information provided within your Order History page includes specific swap details, along with your Send/Receive History, your successful swaps, and your failed swap history.

3. If you’d like to view your older swaps, click ‘See all History’ below the recent swaps currently available to view.

4. If you’d prefer to see the details from one specific swap you placed, click the tab with the info you’re looking for, and find them there.

5. Once you’ve clicked into a specific tab for swap details, you’ll be provided with the following: date, time, tokens swapped, the amount you swapped for, network, swap rate, network fee, transaction hash, and the option to ‘See on block explorer.’

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