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What should I do if the app is crashing?
What should I do if the app is crashing?

Information for if the Slingshot Wallet crashes during use.

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If you are in the middle of using the Slingshot Wallet (i.e., about to place a swap) and the app crashes, remain calm. You are still in full control of your assets, and they are still safe.

Anytime the app crashes, we investigate the issue and do our best to ensure that it happens less frequently, with the longterm goal of it never happening again. There are multiple ways to submit feedback for Slingshot Wallet.

  1. Submit a ‘Bug Report’ in your Account page under ‘Support & Feedback.’ You can also submit a ‘Feature request’ or you can click the green bubble at the bottom right of this article to send a Help Center chat.

  2. If you are an iOS user, you can also submit feedback in-app via the 'Shake to Submit' feature. To do so, simply shake your device while you are in the app. A feedback form will pop up for you to type into.

  3. Please note: In-app feedback does not currently support image attachments. If you would like to submit a screenshot to visually show the issue that you have encountered, please do so through our Help Center chat.

If the app is crashing on startup and you cannot navigate to the bug report menu, you can reach alternatively reach us using a web browser at

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