Enabling and Accessing Higher Risk Tokens

A guide to unlocking high risk tokens to swap in Slingshot Wallet.

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Higher risk tokens are available to swap in Slingshot Wallet. By default, Slingshot will only show tokens that meet certain criteria including a baseline amount of sufficient liquidity and ERC20 standards.

Please note: If you would like to swap or view tokens that don’t meet these requirements, the Ape Mode feature allows you to do so. Your use of the Ape Mode is at your own risk and Slingshot is not responsible for any losses or failed transactions.

  1. Once you’ve created or imported an existing wallet into the Slingshot Wallet, click the profile icon at the bottom of your page. Click the ‘Settings’ tab to access your Slingshot Wallet options.

  2. Scroll down until you see the ‘Ape Mode’ tab. Make sure you’ve followed the proper precautions before enabling Ape Mode.

  3. Once you’ve clicked the enable toggle for Ape Mode, you’ll be able to swap higher risk tokens in the Slingshot Wallet.

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