Who can use Slingshot?

Information on user eligibility and geographical restrictions.

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As described in our Terms and Conditions, you must comply with our eligibility requirements to use Slingshot.

You may not be eligible to use Slingshot if:

  • You are located in certain countries or regions that are subject to economic or trade sanctions, or comprehensive country-wide, territory-wide or regional economic sanctions by the United States or certain governmental bodies. This includes the following countries and regions, as updated from time to time:

    • Cuba

    • Iran

    • North Korea

    • Syria

    • Certain parts of Ukraine (specifically, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk)

  • You are also not eligible to use Slingshot if you or your wallet address is listed on a specially designated nationals and blocked persons list.

  • You live in a country or region where access to our services or distribution of our mobile app is restricted.

If you see that the web app is unavailable, this could be the cause. If this is an issue for you on mobile and you have already sent any tokens to the wallet address, please rest assured that you still have full custody of your wallet and can import your wallet somewhere else using your recovery phrase.

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