Claiming Rewards

How to claim promo and bonus rewards on Slingshot Wallet.

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NOTE: Please make sure that your app is up to date before contacting support about reward issues!

Once you are on the home page of your Slingshot Wallet, check the top right of your screen for the reward icon. If you see a red bubble, this means that you have available rewards to claim. Here's how:

  1. Tap the reward icon to see all of your available rewards.

  2. Once you are in your 'Available Rewards' page, tap the highlighted reward banner to access the claim page.

3. Tap the green 'Claim' button at the bottom of the page to claim your rewards.

4. The rewards will be sent to your eligible wallet. The custom name of this wallet will appear before you claim, and you will also see the wallet address after you have claimed. This is the designated wallet that your rewards will be added to.


5. Congratulations, you've successfully claimed your rewards.

Please note the following:

  • Once you have claimed your rewards, it may take several minutes to appear in the designated wallet. Refreshing the app and your home page may be necessary for your rewards to appear.

  • You must be on the most recent version of the app to claim rewards. If you are not seeing available rewards and have refreshed your screen, update your app before checking again.

  • Make sure that you are checking for your rewards in the designated wallet. If you swapped using multiple wallets, rewards are generally sent to your wallet with the largest volume.

  • Promotions and rewards are subject to our Terms and Conditions. You are solely responsible for all income taxes resulting from your receipt of rewards.

Information on support and reward appeals:

  1. Click the green chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen on this page to access additional information. Alternatively, you can contact support directly in Slingshot Wallet under Account > Support & Feedback.

  2. After you've entered the support chat, click the relevant category and fill out any requested info so that our support team can best assist you.

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