How to bridge cross-chain on Slingshot Wallet.

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Bridging is supported on Slingshot Wallet and made seamless through our partnership with Socket. While support for Canto is coming soon, bridging for all other networks is live.

Please note: only tokens supported by Socket are available for bridging.

Slingshot Wallet Bridging Guide

  1. Tap the bridge icon from your home page to access the bridging page.

2. Select the bridging networks at the top of your screen.

3. Check that you have the required assets available to successfully bridge. Select the token you are sending cross-chain, and the amount.

4. Once you've chosen the token amount tap 'Review' to see the bridging details before hitting 'Confirm' to finalize the action.

5. After tapping 'Confirm' you will see a pending page until the bridge is complete. Please note: it may take several moments for bridging to pend and for your assets to arrive at the designated network. If you would like to speed up the process, you can pay a small fee in order to do so.

What does "No bridge routes available" mean?

No bridge route available means that Socket was unable to find a valid route for your token from your source network to your target network. You likely need to try a larger token amount, try bridging a different token, or select a different target network.

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