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How to claim Waitlist Rewards in Slingshot Wallet.

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Waitlist Rewards are now available to claim in Slingshot Wallet. Find information and resources below for how to do so, including what to do if your claim link is not working.

Please note: Waitlist Rewards MUST have been opened in the waitlist dashboard for claiming eligibility. Otherwise, they are expired and no longer available to claim. Check below for more reasons as to why rewards might not be showing up.

After you've claimed your NFT tokens you can redeem them for exclusive NFT Card Skins, to have on-chain and use in-app. Learn more about our brand new Redeem feature here: Redeeming Waitlist Rewards.

How to claim your waitlist rewards:

  1. On your phone (iOS or Android), open the most recent Slingshot email in your 'Mail' app (from the address: [email protected]).

  2. Tap the green 'Claim Now' button at the bottom of your email.

  3. You will be directed to your Slingshot Wallet app after choosing your preferred browser. Resources below for what to do if your claim link is not working.

4. After authenticating, you will immediately be directed to the Waitlist Reward claim page. You will see the eligible rewards from your original Waitlist Dashboard.

5. If you have multiple wallets in your collection on Slingshot Wallet, tap the 'Select wallet to receive' button above the green 'Claim reward - gas on us!' button. From the menu dropdown, select the wallet that you would like your Waitlist Rewards to be sent to.

6. After selecting your preferred wallet, tap the green 'Claim reward - gas on us!' button to claim your Waitlist Rewards. Please note: the claiming process may take a few minutes to complete.

7. You will receive a message once your Waitlist Rewards have successfully been claimed. Tap 'Finish' and return to your home page. Your Waitlist Rewards will be visible on your Home Page under 'My Assets.' (Please note: it may take several moments for your rewards to appear under your assets and you may need to refresh your app or your Home Page).

8. You can verify your NFT tokens here.

What to do if your claim link is not working:

While we have worked very hard to create a seamless process for reward claiming, we realize that sometimes links break or users have implemented security measures on their mobile devices that limit link functionality. Here's another way for both iOS and Android users to claim Waitlist Rewards:

  1. You will still need to open the most recent Slingshot email. On your phone (iOS or Android), go to the most recent Slingshot email in your 'Mail' app (from the address: [email protected]).

  2. Hold the green 'Claim Now' button down until you have the option to copy the link.

  3. Once you've copied the link from the email, open your Slingshot Wallet app and go to the QR Scanner page (tap the QR icon at the top right of the Home Page).

4. Tap the 'Paste QR Code' button at the bottom of the QR Scanner page to paste the link you copied from the email.

5. After pasting the code, you will immediately be directed to your Waitlist Reward claim page.

6. Once you are on your Waitlist Reward claim page, follow steps 5-7 from the above section to claim your rewards.

Why rewards might not be showing up:

If you have tapped the green 'Claim Now' button in our most recent email (and have also tried pasting the link into the QR scanner in Slingshot Wallet) but you are still not able to see or claim Waitlist Rewards, the following may apply to your reward eligibility:

  • If you have violated any Slingshot Terms & Conditions, including referral requirements.

  • If you are located in certain countries or regions that are subject to economic or trade sanctions, or comprehensive country-wide, territory-wide or regional economic sanctions by the United States or certain governmental bodies. This includes the following countries and regions, as updated from time to time:

    • Cuba

    • Iran

    • North Korea

    • Syria

    • Certain parts of Ukraine (specifically, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk)

  • If your wallet address is listed on a specially designated nationals and blocked persons list.

  • If you live in a country or region where access to our services or distribution of our mobile app is restricted.

  • If you did not previously open your Waitlist Dashboard.

Information on support and reward appeals:

  1. Click the green chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen on this page to access additional information.

  2. After you've entered the support chat, click the relevant category so that our support team can best assist you.

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