How do I bridge?

A guide to bridging on web with Slingshot.

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Bridging is the transfer of assets from one network to another. When you are connected to a specific network (i.e., Ethereum) and have crypto on-chain, you can only send, receive, and swap crypto on the network you already have your assets on. If you want to send your crypto cross-chain (i.e., Ethereum to Arbitrum), this is what bridging is for.

Bridging is supported on Slingshot and made seamless through our partnership with Socket. While support for Canto is coming soon, bridging for all other networks is live. More information below for bridging to and from Canto:

Please note: only tokens supported by Socket are available for bridging.

Slingshot Web Bridging Guide

  1. From the top menu of your web screen, click the 'Bridge' tab.

  2. Select the two networks that you will be using to bridge cross-chain.

3. Once you've selected your networks, choose the supported token that you will be using to bridge with, and enter the amount of the selected token.

4. After selecting networks and bridging token, you have the option to choose the bridging speed for different fees.

5. Click 'Review' to begin finalizing your bridge.

6. After clicking 'Review', you will be prompted by your wallet to 'Confirm' approval for the selected token to bridge.

7. You will be prompted again by your wallet to 'Confirm' the bridge itself. Once you confirm, your bridge page will display an approved message and show that bridging is underway.

8. Please note: the bridging process may take several minutes to complete. If you navigate to another page when bridging is still underway, you can check the bridging status from the top menu bar, and you will be notified when bridging is complete.

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