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Slingshot Wallet Card Skins
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Slingshot Wallet allows you to customize your wallet card skins so you can easily-distinguish between different addresses in your wallet. There are several default colors that everyone can select from and a few categories of card skins that can be unlocked.

These categories include:

Please note that some card skins require a corresponding card skin NFT to be held in a Slingshot Wallet address before they can be used. These card skin NFTs may not be detected by Slingshot Wallet if they are located in an address that was imported via private key. To avoid this issue, please store these card skin NFTs in a wallet address that was generated by Slingshot Wallet.

Mobile Waitlist Rewards

These card skin NFTs can be redeemed by burning the Mobile Waitlist reward tokens. Mobile Waitlist rewards were granted for referring friends and family to sign up for the Slingshot Wallet beta waitlist. See this page for more information on redeeming these rewards. These card skins NFTs can also be bought directly on Slingshot's NFT marketplace.
See the Redeem Mobile NFT card skins page for the full list of card skins in this category.

Getting Started Tasks

Getting Started card skins are unlocked for completing the "Getting Started" onboarding tasks within Slingshot Wallet, which help users get familiar with the application.

When the campaign for the first four card skins concluded, they became card skin NFTs and the NFTs were airdropped to users that completed the corresponding steps.

The second iteration of the campaign is ongoing as of July 10th, 2023. The cards are simply unlocked when you complete the corresponding requirements.

Slingshot Wallet Referral Rewards

The referral reward card skins are granted for participating in Slingshot's ongoing referral campaign for Slingshot Wallet. To unlock these card skins, you must invite friends or family to download the app and try it out.

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