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Which integrations are available on Base?
Which integrations are available on Base?
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Coinbase, the biggest crypto centralized exchange (CEX) in North America, is going on-chain. The exchange recently announced the launch of "Base," an Optimism-based new Ethereum layer-two (L2) chain. Coinbase's 100 million verified users will be able to access the crypto ecosystem via Base’s intuitive interface. The launch adds a significant development in Coinbase's business model — from a centralized crypto exchange to a web3 gateway. (coinmarketcap)

Find out more about integrations below:

Uniswap V3

In Uniswap v3, LP's can concentrate their capital within custom price ranges, providing greater amounts of liquidity at desired prices. In doing so, LPs construct individualized price curves that reflect their own preferences. (Uniswap)


Multi-chain AMM. The most competitive rates for DeFi bluechips anywhere. Switch to other chains in one click. (Sushi)


RocketSwap was the first protocol that facilitates trading on Base and automatically offers liquidity. (RocketSwap)


Another DEX alternative on Base. (BaseSwap)

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