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Can I use a custom RPC?

Yes, on the mobile app, go to Settings > Networks and choose the network you want to add a custom RPC to.

Does Slingshot offer MEV protection?

Not natively, but you can use an RPC that does, such as Flashbots or MEVblocker.

Can I export one of my wallet's private key?

Not at the moment, but you can export your entire wallet's Seed Phrase. You can find more details on this article.

​I lost my Seed Phrase / 12 Words, can you help me access my wallet?

As a non-self-custody wallet, we cannot recover your seed phrase.

❗ It's crucial to back up your seed phrase securely upon creation ❗

I'm importing a Seed Phrase but it does not work

This means the seed phrase you are using is incorrect. It could be that you are misspelling one of the words, adding an extra space somewhere, or that the seed phrase you are entering is invalid.

My transaction failed but I still had to pay gas fees

Yes, every transaction written on a blockchain need to pay gas fees, even if the transaction fails. You can read more details on this article

Does the mobile app support NFTs?

At the time being, you can't see NFTs on your Slingshot wallet (you can only see your card skins). You will have to connect your Slingshot wallet via WalletConnect to a site that supports NFTs.

Where can I buy/sell wallet card skins?

You can do this here


Where can I check the status of my bridge?

You can check it on Socketscan, by entering your wallet address or tx.

I can't bridge the token I want

Not all tokens are bridgeable. Typically, only tokens with high liquidity on both the chains you are attempting to bridge from and to are accessible.

My bridge is taking too long

Bridging can take a couple of hours or more, especially if the network is congested or gas prices are higher than normal.

Alternatively, it could be the case that your bridge has not even started, and the app is displaying it as "Pending." Please verify if the transaction has been created by checking your bridge on Socketscan.

'Something went wrong, please try again'

This may be caused by several reasons, usually related to something not working correctly with the Socket. Reach out to our support team, and they will take a look.

No bridge routes available

Socket was unable to find a valid route for your token from the source network to the target network. It is recommended to try with a larger token amount, bridge a different token, or select a different target network.

Bridge completed but I don't see my funds

Go to Socketscan and check if your bridge has completed. You will also be able to see the token, address, and network to which you bridged the funds to. If that appears fine, there may be an issue showing your balance in the app. Please open a support ticket so our support team can assist you in investigating this."

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