What is Flex?
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Slingshot Flex is the onchain trading experience everyone has been asking for! Currently in closed beta, Flex is available on web (Web App) and mobile via a progressive web app (PWA). To install the PWA on your phone, visit pwa.slingshot.finance on your phone's web browser. Tap the "share" button and select "Add to Home Screen."

Instant Cross-Chain Trades

Flex lets you buy/sell any token on any chain in one-click, executed instantly - even cross-chain!

Best Price

Flex is powered by Slingshot’s DEX aggregator engine, continuing to give you the best prices and routes for your trades, across chains.

Real-Time Price Charts & Transaction Activity

With live transaction data and token price charts, the Flex interface gives you real-time insights into market activity.

No Gas Tokens, Bridging, Token Approvals, or Popups

Flex removes web3 nuances so you can focus on achieving your trading objectives.

Flex eliminates the need for you to deposit and manage gas tokens, bridge across networks, deal with popups for token approvals or transaction signatures, or even think about different chains.

Secure Non-Custodial Account

Flex non-custodial accounts are built to eliminate the need for constant transaction approvals or seed phrases, without sacrificing any of the Web3 security, ownership, and control you love.

All your transactions are executed on-chain and can be tracked and verified via block explorers.

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