What can I find in my Portfolio?

Information on using your Portfolio to track your Slingshot activity.

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The Portfolio page gives a summary of your connected wallet’s activity, on Slingshot-supported networks. The Swap widget is present on the right side of the Portfolio page at all times, allowing easy swapping while looking at your portfolio.

Once you navigate to your portfolio, you will see a chart of your total portfolio value over time. The chart can be adjusted to see portfolio performance over the past day, week, month, or year.

Under the chart is a list of token holdings in your wallet, across all Slingshot-supported networks. It shows the current price of each token, your wallet balance, and the value of the balance.

Under the wallet balances is a breakdown of your portfolio by network. It shows the $USD value and how many tokens you have on each network. If you click on a network, a pop-up shows you exactly which tokens you have and what their balances/values are.

The final pane in Portfolio is Recent Activity, which shows the order history of your connected wallet.

Learn about your Order History, here.

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