Where do I find my Order History?

A guide to your buy and sell Order History on Slingshot.

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There are multiple ways to see your buy and sell Order History on Slingshot.

  • The first way is by navigating to the swapping page for a token you have swapped in the past from your connected wallet.

  • Scroll down to the Order History pane at the bottom of the token swapping page to see the swapping history for that token. Click on an order to view the details of that swap.

To see all your swap history for all tokens in Order History, click the View All button.

Similarly, the Portfolio page displays Order History for all token swaps from your connected wallet, in the Recent Activity pane.

A complete list of all swaps that you have conducted on Slingshot for a given wallet can be downloaded as a .csv file from your account menu. The specific wallet you want to obtain order history for must be connected to Slingshot.

  • Clicking Download Order History will download the .csv file containing details for all swaps to your computer.

Learn more about your Portfolio, here.

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