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How do I place a swap?

A tutorial for placing your first swap on Slingshot.

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Placing a Swap

After choosing the tokens you are swapping, input the amount you would like to swap. Enter the value into the swap widget for the token and Slingshot will calculate the amount of the second token you will receive. This quote will be valid for ~10 seconds before it is refreshed based on the latest market data.

The swap widget also shows the amount of the token available in your connected wallet. Click on the available balance to set your swap amount to all your holdings of the token.

Please note: If your wallet has fewer funds than the amount you entered to swap, the swap widget will display Insufficient Funds and Order Error; you will not be able to continue with the swap until the amount is adjusted.

  • Click Review Order to go to the Order Summary window, which summarizes the details of your order.

  • From this modal, you can adjust your slippage tolerance by setting the Maximum Slippage you are willing to accept for your swap.

  • Click Place Order to send a request to your connected wallet to authorize the transaction.

If your wallet is not connected to the same network as your swap, the site will ask for permission to switch the network on your connected wallet to match the network you are attempting to swap on.

Once the transaction has been authorized on your wallet, the order will be placed into the network and you will be notified with the complete order details as soon as the order is successfully filled.

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