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What are the different Slingshot charts?
What are the different Slingshot charts?

A guide to Slingshot chart features and navigating real-time data.

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Charts provide historical and real-time market prices for a selected token. Slingshot builds our own charts using real-time, on-chain data. Prices are represented in US dollars.

Several chart features can be customized to your preferred view:

  • View or hide chart axes using the Settings icon on the chart’s bottom right

  • View or hide the live swap tape using the Settings icon

  • Adjust chart timeframe by selecting the desired timeframe at the chart’s bottom

  • Switch between candlestick or sparkline charts using the toggle button on the bottom left

The token chart displayed on the Swapping Page is also the token you are swapping against. Switching between the charts of the 2 tokens selected in the swap widget is simple.

  • The token whose chart is currently displayed is highlighted in green.

  • To view the chart of the other token, click on the chart indicator icon above the token.

Learn more about candlestick charts, here.

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