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How do I customize my token watchlist?
How do I customize my token watchlist?

A tutorial for adding, rearranging, and removing tokens from your Slingshot personalized watchlist.

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The Watchlist

The watchlist is a customizable list of tokens for easy access, found on the left sidebar of the Slingshot webpage. Clicking on a token from the watchlist brings you to the swapping page for that token, sets the token as the swapping token, and displays the token’s chart.

The swapping page defaults to showing the most recent network you were on, as long as the token you are viewing has liquidity on that network. Otherwise, it will show the network where the token has the most volume. You can switch to another network the token is available on, using the network dropdown above the swap widget.

To add a token to your watchlist

  • Navigate to the token’s swapping page and select Watch on the top right of the window

  • Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for more tokens to add to your watchlist

  • There is no limit to the number of tokens that can be added

To rearrange the order of tokens in your watchlist

  • Click and hold the token’s icon

  • Drag to its desired position, and release

To remove a token from your watchlist

  • Click and hold the token’s icon

  • Drag and release it away from the watchlist sidebar

  • Or select Unwatch from the token swapping page

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