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How do I find available tokens to swap?
How do I find available tokens to swap?

A guide to finding & selecting tokens at the best price.

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After you've successfully connected your wallet to the Slingshot-supported network of your choice, you are ready to swap. You can use Slingshot to search for and swap any token that currently has liquidity in a given network.

The swap widget to place a swap is found on the right of the swapping page screen.

Swapping Tokens

The first token to appear on the chart is displayed on the swapping page by default. You can swap this token, or switch to another. There are several ways to change the token:

  • Click on the token in the swap widget for a pop-up menu of all available tokens.

  • Or you can use the search bar at the top of the page to directly search for the token you’d like to swap.

  • If you aren’t sure which token to choose, navigate to the Markets Page, at the top right. There, you can explore tokens in each network and view data such as price, 24-hour change, and 24-hour volume.

Swap Widget

When choosing tokens using the swap widget, a pop-up menu will show all the tokens available for your selected network.

  • Tokens you have in your wallet will be prioritized with their corresponding balances shown on the right.

  • You can also switch networks using the drop-down on the right side of the search bar.

At this time, switching tokens between different networks is not available.

Learn how to customize your token watchlist, here.

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