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Slingshot 2099
What is Slingshot 2099?
What is Slingshot 2099?

Information on the Slingshot 2099 NFT Marketplace.

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Slingshot 2099 is our avatar NFT collection, hosted on the Polygon network. The avatar is composed of 4 parts (helmet, torso, legs, and backdrop), each a distinct NFT. Every Slingshot user can set their avatar to the basic 2099 skin pictured to the right. Avatars are customizable by equipping 4 types of items: helmet, torso, legs, and backdrop. These NFT wearables can be purchased on the Slingshot 2099 Marketplace.

The Genesis collection of NFTs was distributed on Jan 25, 2022. A total of 10,000 sealed packs of NFTs were distributed/sold. All packs contain 1 helmet, 1 torso, and 1 set of legs; some but not all packs also have a backdrop. Packs must be cryptographically opened via the blockchain to reveal the items are inside.

We plan to release more collections in the future.

Learn how to buy and sell 2099 NFTs, here.

Learn how to customize your Slingshot avatar, here.

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