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How do I buy and sell items on Slingshot 2099?
How do I buy and sell items on Slingshot 2099?

A guide to purchasing and selling NFT items on Slingshot 2099.

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Buy Items

To customize your Slingshot avatar, you will need to purchase items from the marketplace. To do so:

  • Go to the 2099 NFT marketplace by selecting 2099 at the top right of the Slingshot app, then navigate to the Buy Items tab.

  • Use the Slot dropdown to choose the type of NFT item you’d like to purchase.

  • Alternatively, you can buy unopened packs being sold by users who minted them in the initial Jan 25 distribution. Note that when buying a pack, there is no way to know what items will be inside, so you can’t guarantee you will obtain the items you want. But you might find something rare!

Items for sale on the marketplace can be sorted by recency, price (ascending or descending), and rarity (ascending or descending). The marketplace also has a preview feature that allows you to equip any items to your avatar before buying.

Sell Items

All Slingshot NFT items you own are displayed in the Sell Items tab. Both sealed packs and individual items can be sold on the marketplace. To sell an NFT:

  • Click on the item you want to sell and pay a small gas fee (a fraction of a MATIC) to unlock it, which authorizes the item to be listed on the marketplace.

  • After you have unlocked your NFT, you can set the list price of the item as you wish.

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