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Which networks are supported in the Slingshot Wallet?
Which networks are supported in the Slingshot Wallet?

A guide to Slingshot Wallet supported networks.

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The following networks are currently supported in the Slingshot Wallet. Networks, otherwise known as ecosystems or blockchains, each have their own liquidity pools accessible for swapping, along with their own governance protocols. While each network has gas fees for completing transactions, their native tokens for payment may differ. Our Slingshot Wallet supports multiple networks to allow preference for gas fees, token availability, prices, and security.

You have access to the following networks when using Slingshot Wallet:

  • Arbitrum

  • Arbitrum Nova

  • Base

  • BNB Chain

  • Canto

  • ETH Mainnet

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

The home page aggregates all network tokens/balances, but you can choose your preferred network for swapping.

  1. To select or switch to your preferred network for swapping, click ‘Swap’ from the home page.

  2. Once you’re on the main Swap page, click the network at the top of your page to view supported networks.

To learn more about Slingshot supported networks, click here.

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