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Swapping on Flex is one-click and executes instantly. Never again worry about network switching, gas balances, bridging, etc. One click swaps execute instantly, no matter what chain(s) your tokens are on. Swapping cross-chain has never been this easy.

Once you have funded your Flex account:

  1. Search for the token you would like to swap, by name or address

  2. Choose the quote token you’d like to swap against (currently USDC or ETH)

  3. Choose Buy or Sell

  4. Enter the desired quantity. For closed beta, trades can be no larger than $2500.

  5. Click “Place Order”

Quotes (“Est. receive” amount) are net of gas and Flex swap fees, which are deducted from the quote token.

Expand the “See more” dropdown for more details about your swap.

To enter a custom slippage tolerance, click Advanced Options. Default slippage is 1%. 'Est. receive' quotes do not include any slippage.

Flex helps you be the first to the newest exciting project or pumping token on that new network. Let’s say you were looking to buy Friend.tech shares on Base, but all you have is USDC on Polygon:

  • With Flex:

    1. Swap Polygon USDC to Base ETH instantly with one click 😮‍💨

  • Without Flex:

    1. Swap Polygon USDC to Polygon ETH

    2. Bridge ETH from Polygon to mainnet

    3. Bridge ETH from mainnet to Base 😪

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