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Deposits & Withdrawals
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Getting started with Flex is quick and easy - simply deposit any liquid token on any of the networks Flex currently supports in closed beta:

  • Arbitrum

  • Base

  • Canto

  • Ethereum Mainnet (note that a minimum wallet balance of $500 is required to trade tokens)

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

You do not need to deposit or maintain gas tokens into your Flex account. When you swap, you will pay the network fee in quote tokens.

Please note that if you deposit a token that Flex does not currently support, you will not be able to see it in your account. To check whether Flex supports a specific token, search for it by name or address in the swap form.

USDC and ETH are Flex’s quote tokens, i.e., all tokens can be traded for USDC or ETH. If you deposit either USDC or ETH in your Flex account, you can trade it for any token in one-click. If you deposit a token that’s not USDC or ETH, you can trade it for either USDC or ETH in one-click.

Finding Your Wallet Address

Go to “Deposit & Withdrawal” at the top right corner of your screen. Select any network to see your wallet address (your address will be the same across all EVM networks we support).

Other Ways to Fund Your Account

If you are new to DeFi or only have tokens on networks Flex does not yet support, here are some ways to fund your account:

  • Send funds from a centralized exchange such as Binance or Coinbase. Be sure to send funds on a network Flex supports.

  • U.S. users can buy USDC using a debit card directly in the Flex interface, through our integration with Meso. Meso handles the fiat on-ramp process start to finish, including KYC, payment processing, and the token transfer to your account. For any on-ramp support, contact the Meso team directly by clicking “Get Help,” accessible through the top left menu in the Meso widget.


To withdraw funds on Flex, go to the “Deposit & Withdrawal” button. Select the token you want to withdraw, choose the network to send it to, specify the amount, and enter the recipient wallet address.

Please note: Do not withdraw to a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Some CEXs do not support deposits from smart contracts at this time.

Only you can withdraw the assets in your Flex account. Neither Slingshot, our MPC provider, or any third party can ever be in possession of, transact, or withdraw your assets.

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