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Because Slingshot is a DEX aggregator, we do not list tokens nor do we have a listing team that decides which assets will be available via Slingshot. Instead, the tokens available to swap via Slingshot are those that meet the required inclusion criteria on the markets that we have integrated (e.g., Polygon network).

If a team or community with a token would like their token to be available via Slingshot, they can do so by submitting a PR to the respective AMM/DEX where the token is being swapped. If the PR is merged and the token meets our inclusion criteria, it will be automatically populated on the Slingshot token list.

The Slingshot inclusion criteria is as follows:

  • Token has at least $10,000 liquidity. This is the minimum required amount to get picked up by our search algorithm.

  • Token is present on the token list of an AMM/DEX that has been integrated with Slingshot.

If the token is on a token list, then we will also pick up the logo from that token list as well. The token list should conform to the Uniswap token listing standard.

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